Invented over 80 years ago by Swedish Nobel prize winner Gustaf Dalen, cast iron AGA cooker is a kitchen favourite the world over. AGA owners quite simply adore their cookers, passionate about AGA cooking excellence.

The secret of its sucess lies in the unique way of cooking. AGA utilizes indirect radiant heat in cast iron oven, a gentler process which allows to preserve food’s natural goodness, flavour and texture.

An AGA will works for decades, protected by multiple coats of gleaming vitreous enamel. Unique design and variety of models available means that there is an AGA to fit your home, whatever your décor and lifestyle.

Today the company behind the iconic AGA also produces a range of contemporary high performance cookers, elegant stoves and exclusive collection of AGA cookware.

So, enjoy the site and discover why with AGA life just tastes better.

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